Leadership Begins with Self-Leadership


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I see you.

You’ve worked hard to gain your specialized skills in technology… and you’ve earned a title that many would be proud of.

But not you.

You know what your full potential looks like… and you’re not even close to where you COULD be…

The impact you could create, the contribution you could make in your field, and heck, even the imprint you could make on the planet.

Even though you’ve been putting in the time, energy and sacrifices for your work, It’s frustrating to know that you’ve only been given so much in return…

It’s as if there’s a glass ceiling pushing down on you… like there’s something preventing you from furthering your career, your income and your fulfillment.

Do You:

From Welfare to Well Established How I Became A Secure Leader In Technology

I understand what it’s like to work hard your entire life, having to prove others wrong as you continue developing your specialized skills in technology.

Afterall, I grew up with a chip on my shoulder…

My mom was addicted to drugs and raised me in a trailer park. Food stamps saved our lives.

No one gave me “hope” to succeed. I realized early on that the only way out of poverty was to generate a willpower stronger than any environment.

It became my responsibility to change everyone else’s perspective, and that helped me immensely… to a point. But there was still a big gap in where I was and where I wanted to be. I became frustrated that I kept getting pigeonholed in the same technical roles… never considered for leadership positions or a leadership salary.

It took a different approach
for me to reach that next level of success.

Christian Espinosa and Brendon Burchard

Fast forward to today and I’m regularly referred to as a leader in cybersecurity by some of the world’s most respected individuals.

I share this not to brag, but to show you what’s possible when you combine technical expertise with the right mindset, emotional intelligence and self awareness.

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Kind Words From Secure Clients and Peers

A High Performance Framework To Transform Your Career, Your Company and Your Life

The quickest ways to uplevel yourself, your team and your company are usually the most hidden.

There’s a reason why there are only a few highly successful CISOs and CTOs in the world… in comparison to the overwhelming growing number of engineers and technicians… and it comes down to two words.

Emotional Intelligence.

My goal with any coaching or consulting relationship is to help smart, ambitious and technically minded people get to the next level, the next phase of their careers.

This can mean evolving from an analyst role to a chief developer role or possibly to the CTO position.

I’m not going to tell you that every person I coach will be guaranteed a C-suite title… Rather, you or your team members will gain the REQUIRED leadership skills to succeed.

You will bridge the gap between the technical “hard” skills you excel at with the intangible interpersonal skills required to play at the highest organizational levels.

This means higher salaries, greater fulfilment and you being able to access your fullest potential and contribution.

Please get this part of your life figured out now… before it’s too late.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly replacing technical and skilled labor… true job security comes when you’ve gained the ability to effectively lead yourself, your peers and even your bosses.

The training programs below will give you and your team root access to higher performance, win win relationships, empowering leadership and greater satisfaction.

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