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"Christian is a tremendous leader and visionary. His grasp of the cyber ecosystem and how it impacts our ability to defend our networks and protect our data is truly inspiring. He's a charismatic thought leader and lecturer with the ability to capture an audience while breaking down incredibly complex technologies into simple building blocks. As a coach and trainer, he arms his clients with the knowledge required to truly be successful by offering a path into a brave new world where we truly are the masters of our networks and data."
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Videos Featuring Christian (Podcasts, Interviews, etc.)

Podcasts and Interviews Featuring Christian

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Service Academy Business Mastermind
Developing Leaders in the IT Industry with Christian Espinosa, USAFA ‘93
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Smartest One Loses w/ Christian Espinosa
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The Smartest Person In The Room with Christian Espinosa
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How hackers are breaking into connected medical devices
Cyber Security Heroes
Why We’re Losing the War on Cybersecurity and How to Fix it
The Future of Tech
The Future of Cybersecurity and IT Defense, Christian Espinosa, Author and Managing Director, Cerberus Sentinel
The Shape of Work
#120: 'The Smartest Person in The Room' - Christian Espinosa's recipe to transform technical managers and geeks into leaders
Leadership Development News
Tolerance of High IQ/Low EQ Staff is Crippling Technical Industry

Book Reviews of The Smartest Person in the Room

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IT Security Guru
Book Review: ‘The Smartest Person in the Room: The Root Cause and New Solution for Cybersecurity’ By Christian Espinosa
International Book Promotion
Author Interview with Christian Espinosa
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Interview with Christian Espinosa, Author of The Smartest Person in the Room
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Solutions Review: 11 Cybersecurity Titles For Your Bookshelf
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'The Smartest Person in the Room’ by Christian Espinosa unveils a powerful 7 step process that awakens your leadership and life skills.
Year 2021 in Book Review

News, Blogs, and Profiles Featuring Christian

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Christian Espinosa Author Page
Christian Espinosa Author Page
CEOWorld Magazine
We are Losing the Cybersecurity War—and AI isn’t Going to Help
Authority Magazine
Christian Espinosa of Alpine Security: 5 Things You Need To Know To Optimize Your Company’s Approach to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
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“The Smartest Person in the Room” Explains The Future of Cyberattack
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Industrial Gear at Risk from Fuji Code-Execution Bugs
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Q&A: Healthcare Cybersecurity Expert Christian Espinosa Weighs In on Data Privacy
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IKEA Hit by Email Reply-Chain Cyberattack
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Data stolen in hack of wind turbine maker Vestas
Christian Espinosa - A Certified Cybersecurity Leader
Nearly 600,000 records stolen from Utah medical services provider
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U.S. Mayors Make Pledge Not to Pay Ransomware Hackers
Security Boulevard
How to Communicate Your Security and Compliance Posture to Build Trust With Customers
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Catastrophe narrowly averted in Florida water plant hack
LA Progressive
Christian Espinosa Emphasizes a CYBERSECURITY Culture
Reader's Digest
Christian Espinosa offers human solution to the cybersecurity problem
The Good Men Project
How Christian Espinosa Made Alpine Security A Bastion Of CyberSecurity
Christian Espinosa
The Last Watchdog
GUEST ESSAY: Deploying ‘XDR’ can help companies avoid the security ‘vendor-silo’ trap
Transform Leadership
Leaders Rising – Christian Espinosa
Digital Journal
Former Cybersecurity CEO Christian Espinosa Sheds Light on The Lack of Emotional Intelligence in The Tech Industry
Christian Espinosa - Wood Background
Check Out The Smartest Person in The Room

Professional Bio

Christian Espinosa is currently a Managing Director with Cerberus Sentinel and the Founder and former CEO of Alpine Security.

Christian holds over 25 certifications, including the CISSP, CCISO, CHPC, and PMP. Christian is a US Air Force veteran with a BS in Engineering from the US Air Force Academy and MBA from Webster University. Christian holds multiple patents on cybersecurity attack and defense.

Major recent projects include penetration testing and assessments of commercial aircraft, medical device penetration testing, and numerous incident response projects.

When Christian isn’t protecting us from cybercriminals, he climbs mountains, travels the world, teaches outdoor wilderness survival, and competes in Ironman triathlons.

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