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ego is not your amigo - christian espinosa

Your Ego is Not Your Amigo

This blog post is a transcript from the video at the end of this post. So what has your ego really cost you in your

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Meaning of Life - Christian Espinosa

Life is Meaningless

Life is really meaningless. I know this sounds controversial, and some of you may be questioning what I’m saying. Some of you may have already

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Christian Espinosa - Ransomware

Ransomware – Should You Pay?

Last night I watched an episode of Chicago Med (Season 2, Episode 19). It happened to be about ransomware. Chicago Med was infected with ransomware, rendering

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Christian Espinosa - Hacking Airplanes

Aviation Cybersecurity – Hacking Aircraft

This blog is an excerpt from the Atlantic Council report Aviation Cybersecurity – Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag by Pete Cooper. Alpine’s Christian Espinosa, an expert

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