The 7 Step Secure Methodology™ Program Turns Your Biggest Weakness Into Your Strongest Defense.

The Secure Methodology Course is Coming!

We are thrilled to announce that The Secure Methodology course is in production and will be ready in September 2021!

The Secure Methodology Course

Shift how you feel about technical leadership from hesitation, ambiguity, and friction to confidence, clarity, and cohesion using the 7 Step Secure Methodology

The Secure Methodology™ program consists of courses, team and individual coaching, in-person and remote training, keynote speaking, consulting, and more. 

The Secure Methodology Program is Designed to Shift You:


  • I’m surrounded by problems, not solutions
  • I often feel people are hiding stuff from me
  • My focus is always scattered and distracted
  • I feel like I’m just not good with people
  • I avoid things that I’m not naturally gifted or great at
  • I feel criticized all the time
  • I feel like I’m always in an uphill battle
  • Uninformed optimism


  • I have inner confidence about a path forward
  • I skillfully interact with and influence people
  • I have clarity and am productive
  • I have  tools to use in various interactions
  • I embrace stepping outside my comfort zone
  • I don’t take things personally
  • I’m headed in the right direction in my life
  • Informed realism

Secure Methodology Program Objectives

Secure Methodology Course Sample

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