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cheating cybersecurity

Cheating Cybersecurity Exams: Paper Tigers

Cybersecurity certification exams are not easy to pass. According to Concise-courses.com, 70% of surveyed CISSP test-takers reported that the CISSP exam is “difficult.” As such, some individuals seeking credentials in the field of cybersecurity have looked for ways to cheat

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adrian lamo

6 Famous Hackers that Got Caught

There are pioneers in every profession, and computer hacking is no exception. In fact, because literally, anybody with the right tech setup can launch their hacking career, the stories of famous hackers are often less glamorous than most people might

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penetration testing - hoodie not required

Penetration Testing History

Penetration testing, or “ethical hacking,” is a method of exposing and purposefully exploiting the security vulnerabilities of a company’s systems.  Unlike security tests that use automated programs to identify these vulnerabilities, penetration testing requires highly-trained specialists to analyze the system,

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cybersecurity skills gap

The Urban Legend of the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

According to the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), we’re facing a cybersecurity skills crisis. Their recent report calls the gap in qualified individuals a “rapidly widening business problem,” claiming businesses are investing their resources in the wrong places when it

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