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cybersecurity job

LinkedIn Tips for a Better Cybersecurity Job

Land a new and better cybersecurity job with these LinkedIn tips. It is a fact that employers, recruiters, and headhunters use LinkedIn to search for people with a cybersecurity certification, such as the CISSP or Security+. We can use this

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hacking medical devices

Hacking Medical Devices for Profit and Terror

Introduction This post focuses on four medical device cybersecurity attack objectives: Stealing Protected Health Information (PHI) (Motive: Financial Gain) Ransomware (Motive: Financial Gain) Harming or killing a patient (Motive: Terrorism or Assassination) Using the medical device as a beachhead for

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cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity Risk Needs to be Simplified

Introduction I believe complexity is the enemy of execution and unnecessary complication is often tied to ego and lack of clarity. In cybersecurity just about everything is overly complicated. I’m not sure why. I sometimes even wonder if I understand

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CISO as a service

Questions to Ask a vCISO

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services can be an excellent business solution, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Many companies rush into finding vCISO services and end up with a relationship they did not expect. If your organization is considering

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cybersecurity hashing and collisions

Explanation of Cybersecurity Hashing and Collisions

This blog post is a transcript of Christian Espinosa’s explanation of cybersecurity hashing and collisions and covers the following: What is hashing? What is a hashing collision? What are hashing birthday attacks? Includes a demonstration of a 3-way MD5 collision

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