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Awareness - Christian Espinosa

Awareness: Models of the World

Being an effective leader requires many things. Aside from understanding our own skills and capabilities, we need to exert time and effort to understand what others can do and how factors in the environment affect our ability to lead. We

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christian espinosa - power of questions

The Power of Questions

We are always looking for answers. We want to find meaning—something that changes our life. We want to win the lottery or discover the next big stock to make it big on Wall Street. For many, we want to look

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Christian Espinosa - Congruence

What is Congruence?

It is often difficult to act in accordance with what we really feel, isn’t it? We tend to spend our days just trying to get by, and when we ask others how they’re doing, they just give us a small

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empathy vs sympathy

Empathy vs. Sympathy

I often wonder how certain things will turn out if our leaders know how to empathize, and not simply sympathize with their people. See, oftentimes they are interchangeable. But there’s a big difference between sympathy and empathy, and we must

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