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Adapting in Cybersecurity: Why Agility Matters

Adaptability and agility were the themes of 2020. Businesses had to make quick decisions to be flexible in a world of uncertainty. Both of these ideas apply to cybersecurity, but they are the result of the pandemic. Adapting in cybersecurity

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monotasking vs multitasking

Monotasking vs. Multitasking

How we take on tasks significantly influences our productivity during the day. Even when given a minor task, a person will likely have difficulty completing it if they’re using the wrong techniques and not utilizing their available resources. Monotasking and

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fixed vs growth mindset

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Our mindset is crucial because it affects our ability to learn new skills and cope with everyday challenges as well as the way we think about everything. With the right mindset, it’ll be easier for us to get out of

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nlp communication model

NLP Presuppositions for Leaders

The unpredictability of life is one of the reasons why living it can be very exciting. We never know what will happen next. However, it’s also because of this unpredictability that many people struggle. Aspiring leaders find it hard to

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