Fixation on Yourself is a Bubble State

It’s easy to fixate on your own needs, problems, and desires. While sometimes this is necessary, much of the time, it causes more harm than good. Fixation on yourself locks you into a bubble state.

This mindset causes us to focus too much on the macro aspects of life. We become narrow-minded at the expense of the micro. Leaving the comfort of a bubble state is no easy task. It’s a journey I captured in my book The In-Between: Life in the Micro.

What Are Bubble States?

Bubble states are identities that concentrate solely on the macro. They form a “bubble” around us that makes the micro seem insignificant. We become fixated and create a belief system that keeps us from engaging in the micro.

While in the bubble state, we overthink and get stuck inside our own heads.

Why Are Bubble States Bad for Us?

Staying in a state that you know may seem like a safe thing. We know the course and have the answers. Unfortunately, that’s not “real” living. In a bubble state, you don’t pay attention to input or feedback. The fixation is only about what you want and think, with no room to change.

It’s a harmful way to move through life. You can miss out on a lot of joy and connections. When you realize the bubble state is holding you back, you have the chance to divert into a new path.

Moving from Fixation on the Self to Becoming More Aware and Empathetic

Awareness is a key component in opening yourself up to the in-between. You must become more self-aware and aware of others. It requires reflection, listening to your gut, and discomfort. However, the reward is having the skills and desire to be more present and engaged.

From this new awareness comes greater empathy as well. We can’t truly connect to the micro without empathy. Being more empathetic also allows me to be more patient with others, something I certainly didn’t do when I fixated on the macro.

Empathy and patience are the opposites of resentment. Getting to such a place supports emotional growth. Putting this into practice has enabled me to embrace the in-between, and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

Saying Goodbye to the Bubble State

To leave the bubble state behind, you’ll face many obstacles and challenges. In addition to practicing awareness and empathy, you need to commit to being authentic. It helps you tune into the micro-moments, and you can more readily accept feedback and live with more intention.

You’ll need to be introspective, which means being vulnerable, and that’s always going to be a little scary. You have to challenge long-held beliefs and values to uncover whether or not they are limiting you.

This evolution is ongoing. We’ll never be perfect at it, but the more connected we are to our feelings and those of others, the freer we can be.

If you’d like to move on from the bubble state, start by reading my book.