cybersecurity certificationsThis blog post is a transcription from the video at the bottom of the post.

What is the confidence/competence loop? I’m Christian Espinosa with Alpine Security, and that’s the topic of this video, competence, confidence, and the loop that ties those two together. So confidence is our belief we can do something. Competence is the ability we can do something. The confidence/competence loop means if we believe we can do something, we’ll actually take action to do it, which increases our competence, which then increases our confidence, which allows us to take more action.

So it’s sort of like the chicken and egg scenario because, without the initial confidence, we’re not likely to take a step to gain the competence. Without the confidence, we sort of step back in fear and we’re afraid we are not going to be competent. So we don’t take the action that’s required to become competent. That’s where the confidence/comes into play. The hardest part for most people is getting up over that initial fear.

Initially, when we start some sort of endeavor like the Security+ certification or anything in life that’s a challenge, we don’t have the confidence yet. So we have to get over the fear or put the fear aside and take the first step or the first action to build some competence, which will then increase our confidence. Once we get this cycle going, that will propel us forward to achieve the objective.

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