Industrial Gear at Risk from Fuji Code-Execution Bugs

Fuji Electric’s Tellus Lite V-Simulator and V-Server Lite can allow attackers to take advantage of operational technology (OT)-IT convergence on factory floors, at utility plants and more.

Report Launch: Aviation Cybersecurity—Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag

The aviation industry faces a complex and critical challenge to get its cybersecurity right. Adding to this is an increasing number of reported vulnerabilities, claims, counter claims and attacks that give the impression of an escalating problem. Each stakeholder involved has a different perspective of the threats, risks, and potential solutions, making understanding the landscape difficult.

How Secure Is Your Medical Device Really?

Pacemakers that fail to send electrical pulses to a patient’s heart when they need it the most; vital signs that are altered, resulting in unnecessary treatment; or insulin pumps that fail to administer insulin. These are all scenarios that hackers say are possible, because they’ve tried it themselves and know it can be done.