meaning of life

Life is Meaningless

cybersecurity certificationsLife is really meaningless. I know this sounds controversial, and some of you may be questioning what I’m saying. Some of you may have already turned this off. That’s fine. But the reality is the meaning of anything that happens to us, any experience we have, is a meaning we attach to it. So if we had a specific type of childhood, or we grew up in a specific type of environment, or we failed an exam, the meaning of that experience is the one we attached to it. There’s no native or inherent meaning in something. It’s simply the meaning we attach to it. So when I say life is meaningless, it means that life as a whole, there’s no meaning to it. We can attach whatever meaning we want, and the meaning we attach should be one that empowers us rather than locks us in a cage or cages us.

Most of us use our past experiences, things that have happened to us as an excuse because we attach a meaning to it that doesn’t serve us. I ask you to consider attaching a meaning to things that have happened to you, that will empower you, and serve you and allow you to move forward in your life. There’s been many examples of this where two different people have gone through the same experience. One person attached to the meaning of that experience, let’s say a car accident, as the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. And they end up depressed, and on medication, and drugs, and alcohol, the rest of their life.

Another person that’s in the same car in the same car accident may attach a different meaning to that same experience. Their meaning may be that this is a blessing and a reminder that life is short. So, they may make the most of their life from that point forward, because they have decided that this was a wake-up call to them, and they need to step forward and make the most out of their life. So when you’re thinking about what’s going on in your life and your past experiences, consider the meaning you have attached to those experiences, and how that meaning is hindering you, or serving you. If it’s hindering you, I suggest you choose a different meaning.