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Christian is the subject matter expert’s SME, and a natural teacher – making the complex simple to understand at all levels, from deep tech to business strategy and finance. When I want a point of view and a plan I can trust is deeply informed – he’s a go-to.

Mike Reavey, Vice President – Enterprise Security @ Electronic Arts

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The Cheat Code To:

Building a Secure and
Fulfilling Career

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The quickest ways to uplevel yourself, your team and your company are usually the most hidden.

There’s a reason why there are only a few highly successful CISOs in the world… in comparison to the overwhelming growing number of engineers and technicians… and it comes down to two words.

Emotional Intelligence.

My goal with any coaching, training, or speaking is to help smart, ambitious and technically minded people get to the next level, the next phase of their careers.

This can mean evolving from an analyst role to a chief developer role or possibly to the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) position.

I’m not going to tell you that every person I work with will be guaranteed a C-suite title… Rather, you or your team members will gain the REQUIRED leadership skills to succeed.

You will bridge the gap between the technical “hard” skills you excel at with the intangible interpersonal skills required to play at the highest organizational levels.

This means higher salaries, greater fulfilment and you being able to access your fullest potential and contribution. .

Please get this part of your life figured out now… before it’s too late.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly replacing technical and skilled labor… true job security comes when you’ve gained the ability to effectively lead yourself, your peers and even your bosses.

The programs below will give you or your team root access to greater confidence, higher performance, win-win relationships, empowering leadership and greater satisfaction.

Secure Methodology Course
High Performance Coaching

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The 7 Step Secure Methodology

Shift how you feel about technical leadership from hesitation, ambiguity, and friction to confidence, clarity, and cohesion using the 7 Step Secure Methodology.

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